Industrial Product Line

Architectural Mesh


From stylish partitions to security cages, Unified’s industrial wire mesh is used in dozens of architectural applications.

Industrial Fine Mesh Screens


Unified manufactures fine mesh screen out of any commercially available wire mesh including bolting cloth and mill grade. Meshes range from 1 mesh to 800 mesh.

Bulk Processing — Agriculture, Food & Chemical Processing

Similar to aggregate and mining applications, wire cloth is widely used for grain milling and processing applications such as grain cleaners, grain dryers and seed grading.

Utility Screens


Drip Shields

Screening water intake systems for effective and clean filtration.

Security — Including Zoo Cages & Jails


A far tougher, more secure alternative to heavy glass partitions.

Food Processing


Most commonly known as Sweco, or round-style screens, these screens are typically used in vibrating round separators to separate solids from liquids or to size dry material particles.

Water/Intake Filtration Screens: Traveling & Stationary


Screening water intake systems for effective and clean filtration. Solutions include a combination of various wire mesh types with urethane borders.