Rubber Product Line

FLOWMAX Rubber Modular Systems


For high impact screening applications, processing dry material, scalping applications and when there is a high percentage of crushed material. Rubber costs less than polyurethane and lasts longer than wire cloth.

Feed Cone Liners & Hoppers


Floating main frame liners and feed plates.

Rubber Scalping Screens


This product is designed for high-impact materials. Made with 60 durometer, wear-resistance rubber. Sold with or without skid bars. Unified® offers a full range of openings, including square, rectangular, or, round holes. Special hold patterns are available. The screens can be bolt-down or hooked. Manufactured with a full-steel backing of ¼”, 3/8”, or ½”.



TwinFlex rubber tension mats are manufactured with abrasion resistant rubber and are ideally suited for dry application with a high percentage of crushed material.  Comes in light & heavy.



Designed and manufactured for high impact, dry scalping, applications. TwinScalp is backed with ¼’, 3/8”, or, ½” thick steel plate. Opening sizes vary from 2” or more and thicknesses from 2” to 4”. This product installs with clamp rails or bolts. It can be customized for any application.

Rubber Scalping Screens – Cable or Steel Frame


This product is cable or steel frame reinforced. Acceptable openings from 1” to 3”. The product thickness is from 1” or more depending upon application. Manufactured with molded openings.

Rubber Graphite Liners

Designed to prevent sticky buildup. Offers easy replacement and installation. Benefits include increased wear-life and eliminating clean-out downtime. These liners are used in feeder bins, chutes, feed and discharge lip liners.

Rubber Chute Liners

Very cost effective in high impact / abrasion applications. Unified® offers a modular system @ 12” X 12”  to 24” X 24”, or we can tailor make them to any chute, bin and hopper. Significantly outlasts mild steel and AR Plate. Available with graphite mix to eliminate material build-up.

Rubber Canoe Liners


Manufactured with an all steel Backing plate, liners are used under crusher or hoppers, at the feed end of the conveyor. Liners protect steel surfaces with rubber.