Polyurethane Product Line



FLOWMAX polyurethane modular screening systems offer you a polyurethane system, just when you need it. It offers the flexibility to use polyurethane, without permanent deck modifications. Field reports indicate that FLOWMAX screens have 5% to 15% more open area than competitive screens and they last an average of 15 times the life of wire cloth.

TwinThane Polyurethane Tension Mats


TwinThane offers molded tapered openings. These mats require no screen deck modifications and are as easy to install as wire cloth. Each mat is manufactured to your specific deck requirements.

Removable Modular Systems


These frames combine the convenience of easy change-out with the benefits of a modular system. Replace a module in seconds, or, the entire system in minutes. No commitment to screen deck modifications.

Permanent Flat Decks


Offers greater production…flat screening means higher screening efficiency and very low maintenance requirements.

SuperFlow Polyurethane/Wire


Hybrid polyurethane and wire screen. Vibrating action combined with the high percentage of open area, makes SuperFlow an exceptionally long-lasting and self-cleaning screen. Unified engineers designed the independently vibrating wire to frequency levels that prevent material buildup and blinding while correctly sizing product. Four screen styles are offered for your specific needs.

Polyurethane Accessories


Including: Spray Bar Deflectors, Classifier Shoes, Belt Scrapers, Twin Thane Tension Mats, Clamp Rails, Sideliner – Hold-Down Rails, Sheet Stock, Flowmax One-by-One, Wear Liners, Spray Bar Steel, Center Hold-Down.

Polyurethane Permanent System Adaptors


This engineered Unified® device allows you to retrofit your permanent screen to Woven wire cloth.