Wire Cloth Product Line

Tufflex Wire


Proven to last two times longer than oil tempered in test applications.

  • Increased corrosion resistance with special coating
  • Less brittle for impact/abrasive applications
  • Lower per ton screening costs. 

Tufflex manufacturing process includes two strength- building steps. This creates a higher tensile strength than the single-step process for oil tempered wire. Elongated grains decrease the surface rust and corrosion compared to other wire types. Increased ductility and greater consistency throughout the wire.

SuperFlow Wire/Polyurethane


Hybrid polyurethane and wire screen. Vibrating action combined with the high percentage of open area, makes SuperFlow an exceptionally long-lasting and self-cleaning screen. Unified engineers designed the independently vibrating wire to frequency levels that prevent material buildup and blinding while correctly sizing product. Four screen styles are offered for your specific needs.



High durability and maximum throughput for high-impact areas. Uniform openings with a strong lock-crimp construction. Field tests show that a 2” opening with a 3/8” diameter TwinWire screen.

Other Steel Alloys


High Carbon, Oil Tempered Stainless Steel: S304 Stainless, S316 Stainless, S430 Stainless, Low Carbon, Cabonized, Inconel, Monel, Copper, Aluminum, Manganese.

W Style Clean Screens


Combinations of different wire diameter sizes. Different wires vibrate at varying speeds and produce a self-cleaning surface on a non-blinding, non-plugging screen.

D Style Clean Screens


Have wires that vibrate independently of each other. These screens provide a higher production rate in moderate screening applications.

Mineral Screens


Screens can be hemmed or edged in a variety of materials to suit your application.

Have a high-temperature application? Try high-temperature edging.

Don’t need that high heat tolerance? Woven cotton edging will suit your requirements.

Or, choose polyester, vinyl or metal edging.

Weave Styles


Weave Styles in designs such as TwinWire, Inter-Crimp, Double-Crimp, Loc-Crimp Tri-Loc/Tri-Mesh, SuperFlow, Slotted Openings (shown) Flat Top D-Style (Diamond), W-Style Screens, T-Style Screens.

T Style Clean Screens


An affordable alternative to high-cost piano wire screens. Typically constructed with larger wire diameters for greater strength, they are designed with straight tension wires in almost any wire size/opening combination. Clusters are located to cover screen deck support bars.

Hooks & Edge Prep


Unified Hooks & Edges include US-1, US-2, US-2ET, US-3, US-4 and Non-Standard Edges.