03/02/2015 Tufflex Wire more than doubled wear life for Kraemer Mining
02/24/2015 Unified products perform better on the job: wire, rubber, crusher wear parts and polyurethane
01/27/2014 Tufflex SuperFlow screens reduced number of changeouts with material wearing longer, dependable product improving cost savings & bottom line
07/11/2013 Northern Minnesota Mining
05/03/2013 Unified® Screening & Crushing maintains the industries largest inventory of Ready-to-ship crusher wear parts.
04/10/2013 SuperFlow
03/06/2013 Unified Image Ad
03/08/2012 Twin Wire Screens
03/08/2012 SuperFlow Maximum Throughput
03/08/2012 FLOWMAX Polyurethane
02/28/2012 Unified TwinWire Screen Media - High Durability. Maximum throughput for high-impact areas.
06/06/2011 We’re Unified® to get you screening, sizing, crushing parts and knowledge – fast!
05/25/2011 FLOWMAX
05/25/2011 Perforated Punch Plate
05/25/2011 Woven Wire
05/25/2011 SuperFlow Advantages
10/28/2009 Unified Upper Midwest Regional Offices Telephone Numbers
05/01/2009 Unified's Wester Group Widest Range of Industry Benefits: wire cloth, diamond back castings, new productivity tools
01/07/2009 Unified represents Brazil Foundry to its customers expanding new profit centers
10/10/2008 Unified Offers All Solutions to Improve Production to its Members
05/13/2008 Three Reasons To Call Unified
04/05/2007 Tufflex Doubled Wear Life and Increased Cost Savings
04/05/2007 Unified's Network is designed to increase benefits and production
02/15/2006 Twin City Wire offers solutions to Unified Members to improve production
01/18/2006 Increasing productivity throughout the western hemisphere - Unfied one stop shopping
10/23/2005 Twin City Wire North Central Regional Offices Phone Numbers
06/12/2005 Unified customers gain a unique solution providing increased productivity