September 29, 2015
Unified® Screening & Crushing has announced a new lineup for its leadership team and Board of Directors, which now includes members outside of the founding Lentsch family. Unified is a collection of 16 companies across the US that manufacture and sell screening media, wear parts, and related products primarily for the quarry and mining industries. Its company officers and board members are: CEO Tom Lentsch, Senior Vice President Bob Kleason, CFO John Groess and Vice President Andrew Lentsch. The fifth board member, Anne Peltier, is not involved with the Unified’s day-to-day management.

Decades of Experience
One characteristic shared by all of Unified’s officers is depth of experience. CEO, Tom Lentsch began his career, not in the wire cloth business, but at the request of his father, Gene, in real estate and property management. Tom’s 13 years as a real estate broker and investor gave him the experience needed to expand Unified’s warehouse network starting in 1984. In 2003, Tom was elected president and CEO of all Unified Screening & Crushing operations. When Tom’s brother, Steve, decided to concentrate on other interests earlier this year, Tom was elected Unified’s Chairman. Tom is also active in the industry, serving as a past-president of the American Wire Cloth Institute and currently as one of the Institute’s directors.

What started as a summer job weaving wire cloth has turned into a 37-year career for Senior VP, 
Bob Kleason. After earning his BBA from the University of St. Thomas, Bob worked his way through all of the production operation positions at Twin City Wire, eventually becoming its plant manager. During the 1990s, Bob worked closely with sales to develop a distribution network with regional locations across the US—the beginning of the Unified group. He became Director of Sales & Marketing in 2003. When Unified Screening & Crushing was formally established in 2005, Bob was appointed vice president of northern operations. Today, as Senior Vice President, Bob assists in operations at all 16 Unified locations, helping customers solve their unique challenges every day.

CFO, John Groess, CPA, CGMA, was partner-in-charge of the Unified account at its audit firm, Sevenich, Butler, Gerlach & Brazil. Watching over the books for over 30 years made John uniquely qualified to become Unified’s CFO. John is a member of the AICPA and Minnesota Society of CPAs, and serves on the MNCPA Board of Directors.

VP, Andrew Lentsch is part of the Lentsch family’s third generation to work for Unified. He began fresh out of high school, weaving wire in the shop, making deliveries, and riding along on sales calls. After graduating from The University of St. Thomas in 2002, Andrew became an outside service rep for Unified Screening & Crushing - Arizona. He was promoted to general manager of the Arizona operation in 2005, and promoted again in 2013 to Vice President of Western Operations where he oversaw management of five locations.
Ongoing Evolution
The new management of Unified Screening & Crushing reflects the company’s ongoing evolution over the past several years. What began more than 140 years ago as the Minnesota Fence & Wire Works is now a leading supplier to the mining and quarry industries across North America.  During more than six-plus decades of Lentsch family leadership the company has ingrained its “customers first” attitude into every facet of its operations.
For example, all Unified Field Representatives are required to have previous industry experience. The company’s focus is on solving customer problems, not just selling products. This makes field experience essential. Unified Reps have worked for quarries, mines, foundries, or other related companies. They’re expected to know local materials and conditions, processing machinery and all the factors that affect wear life and throughput in a customer’s operation. Only then can they recommend the right Unified products to solve a problem and improve production.

Unified’s new leadership team guides the company with that same first-hand, boots-on-the-ground knowledge of what customers deal with every day. The drive to serve the larger needs of customers led to the formation of the Unified network. It sparked the expansion of Unified’s product lines, its ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, and the company’s dedication to engineering and manufacturing solutions in the US. That drive, plus the leadership team’s deep experience positions Unified Screening & Crushing to support customers through the challenges ahead.

For more information, contact: Bob Kleason at Unified Screening & Crushing, 800-328-0225,,